World: Onions, potatoes, beets and cabbage are getting cheaper, asparagus is on sale

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Published Apr 15, 2024

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The recent trends in the fruit and vegetable markets across 10 countries, as reported by the EastFruit Trade Platform group, show a dynamic landscape with onions leading sales despite a price drop, and a notable decrease in the supply of borscht vegetables. The season for asparagus sales has kicked off in Ukraine, where vegetables are becoming cheaper, and fruits more expensive. Uzbekistan sees a decline in onion prices with an uptick in broccoli and daikon radish sales. Meanwhile, garden strawberries are becoming pricier, whereas apples and bananas are cheaper. Egypt emerges as a significant supplier of garden strawberries to Kazakhstan, amidst rising garlic prices. The article also highlights increased activity in the EastFruit Fruittechnology group and a project in Moldova aimed at inducing rain in clouds without precipitation, showcasing the diverse and evolving nature of the global fruit and vegetable markets.
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Key points from the past week: — The top seller is onions, and their prices continue to fall — The supply of borscht vegetables is being reduced — The asparagus sales season has started in Ukraine — The number of Chinese cabbage sellers has increased significantly — Sales of apples and nuts predominate in the fruit segment — In Ukraine, vegetables are becoming cheaper and fruits are becoming more expensive — Onion prices continue to decline in Uzbekistan About these and other trends in the region's fruit and vegetable markets in a weekly review of EastFruit trading platforms. Against the backdrop of holidays in Muslim countries, the past week in the EastFruit Trade Platform group was marked by a decrease in the number of announcements, and the geography of active participants was reduced to 10 countries. In addition to Iran and Egypt, the number of announcements was also reduced by farmers in Ukraine, where product supplies were running out as the season ended. At the same time, ...
Source: Eastfruit
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