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Bulgaria: Organic poultry needs a specific breed of hens

Updated May 10, 2021
Humane breeding of chickens is increasingly important for Bulgarians In recent years, the demand for poultry meat, which is cheaper than beef, has stimulated the production of this product worldwide. In 2025, poultry production is expected to grow to 16%. Thus, poultry production will increase from 115,192 thousand tons in 2016 to 131,255 thousand tons in 2025. The largest producers will be Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine and the United States. China, India, Indonesia, Iran and Thailand will become leaders in Asia. Much of poultry production comes from intensive production systems. Organic farms generate a small share of the market's output - in the EU in particular, this figure is around 5%. At the same time, interest in the second method of raising birds is growing. 10% growth is reported every year. These market trends have led Italian scientists from the University of Perugia to seek an answer to the question of which are the best breeds of poultry for organic ...
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