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Peas have the green light: Exports are more than double in Argentina

Updated Sep 28, 2022
The production of legumes in Argentina registers an improvement both in its productive numbers and in exports. According to the National Service for Agrifood Health and Quality (Senasa), during the 2020/2021 campaign, the area planted with peas in the country registered an increase of more than 47% in relation to the 2019/2020 campaign.
Currently, the crop has an implanted surface of more than 80,000 hectares, distributed among the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos. In parallel, the number of people dedicated to the production of this crop registered an increase of more than 42%, according to official data. In our country, the protagonist of local production and consumption is the green pea, although some 40 different varieties of yellow and green peas are currently grown. Regarding marketing, the family sector carries it out in local or regional markets or fairs where these farmers sell their products, mainly fresh, directly to those who consume them. Also, they supply through intermediaries, to the market and to the big fairs. This legume also has a series of agronomic advantages, such as the possibility of fixing atmospheric nitrogen, a fundamental macronutrient for its development. In this way it remains available in the soil, thanks to the symbiosis created with groups of bacteria that live ...
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