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Peruvian citrus will enter the New Zealand market

Los cítricos peruanos ingresarán al mercado de Nueva Zelanda
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New Zealand
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Oct 29, 2021
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Miguel Quevedo Valle head of the National Agrarian Health Service (Senasa) reported that from the second half of December 2021, New Zealand, a market of just over five million inhabitants, will open its doors to fresh Peruvian citrus. “This process is already 99%, confirmation is expected that there is no observation from the World Trade Organization (WTO), which almost never does, therefore, we can already consider (New Zealand) an open market for all types of Peruvian citrus (mandarin, tangelo, orange, clementine and lemon) ”, he stated. Meanwhile, Sergio Del Castillo, general manager of the Association of Citrus Producers of Peru (Procitrus), indicated that “the New Zealand market is small but that it pays very good prices, similar to those of the United States and Europe. Only in the North American country is clementine sold at around USD 2.08 per kilogram ”. As for the citrus varieties most produced in Peru, they are W. Murcott and Satsuma, both with good characteristics for ...
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