Peruvian mangoes estimate 37.75% less volume for the US

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Published Dec 7, 2023

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Iván Vílches, general manager of Dominus and president of APEM, discussed the impact of weather conditions on mango production in Peru, including a 45% decrease in operation and an increase in prices due to lower supply. Dominus primarily exports to Europe and the US, and is hopeful that the markets will respond positively to the decreased supply. The evaluation of the campaign indicates that volumes will be flat, and efforts will continue to promote Peruvian mango in international markets despite the challenges faced in the current year.
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Protalfrutí spoke with Iván Vílches, general manager of Dominus and president of the Peruvian Association of Mango Producers and Exporters (APEM) together with Ángel Gamarra, president of Promango, who carried out an evaluation of the current situation of the production and export of the fruit in Peru. Vílches explained that in Dominus the effect of the temperatures and the condition in the San Lorenzo Valley, which was impacted by the rains in March and April, are quite affected at a productive level. "We work with productive chains, we have approximately 500 hectares in Piura that make up an average of 40 farmers, which are monitored with technical assistance and giving technical support to farmers." Dominus also has a presence in Motupe, with approximately 250 hectares with an average of almost 28 farmers, who also have a much lower production. In Casma they have an area of approximately 250 hectares in total, with a radius of action geographically in the three zones of ...
Source: MXfruit
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