Peruvian market reopens for Chilean apples and pits after SAG efforts and implementation of the private sector

Published May 20, 2024

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Peru has reopened its market for Chilean apple and stone exports following a suspension due to the detection of the Oriental Moth. This decision comes after agreements between Peru's Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) and Chile's National Agrarian Health Service, and the swift implementation of measures by Chile's export sector. The reopening was published in the Official Gazette of Peru on May 17, 2024, and marks a significant development for Chile, which is Peru's third-largest trading partner within Latin America and the fourth largest destination for its fruit exports.
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Original content

Peru reopened its market for exports of apples and stones from Chile, news that was pleasantly received by the country's export sector and that responds to the different meetings held by the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) and the rapid implementation of the measures agreed by the export sector, which allowed the phytosanitary organizations of both countries, SAG and the National Agrarian Health Service of Peru (Senasa), to reach an agreement. It should be remembered that Senasa had suspended the entry of imports of Chilean apples and pits, after detecting the presence of Cydia molesta or "Oriental Moth." A situation that, when known by Chile, meant the application of preventive and control measures determined by the SAG and implemented by the fruit exporting sector represented by Frutas de Chile. “Chile is recognized globally as a reliable supplier of quality food thanks to our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. This reopening, in addition ...
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