Peruvian passion fruit exports totaled 17,221 tons for US$ 66 million in 2023

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Published Feb 20, 2024

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In 2023, Peruvian passion fruit exports saw a decrease in volume but an increase in value, totaling 17,221 tons and US$ 66 million. The Netherlands was the top buyer, followed by the United States and Chile. Juice was the most popular form of the fruit, accounting for 72% of exports. The leading companies in this sector were Quicornac S.A.C., Frutos Tongorrape S.A., and Pulpas y Procesados del Agro S.A.
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( In 2023, Peruvian passion fruit exports reached 17,221 tons for US$ 66 million, showing a -13% decrease in volume, but a +15% increase in value, suggesting an improvement substantial in the profitability of the product. This solid performance consolidated the position of passion fruit in the international market, supporting its reputation as a leading option in the exotic fruit space. As for buyers of Peruvian passion fruit, the outstanding position of the Netherlands stood out, leading with 6,639 tons purchased for US$ 28 million, supported by a price per kilogram of US$ 4.25. For its part, the United States followed closely, purchasing 2,949 tons for US$12 million at a price of US$4.20 per kilogram. Chile positioned itself as another relevant player, importing 2,340 tons for a value of US$ 8 million and a price of US$ 3.56 per kilogram. Finally, France and Puerto Rico purchased 2,034 and 1,267 tons, respectively, for US$ 7 million and US$ 4 million, with prices of ...
Source: Agraria
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