Peruvian Tahiti lemon, an industry with projection

Published May 28, 2024

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In 2023, Peru's agro-export portfolio saw significant growth in shipments of products such as coffee, asparagus, mangoes, cocoa, and Wilkins mandarins, with citrus fruits, especially Tahiti lemons, experiencing a notable increase in demand. The Tahiti lemon is the third most exported citrus fruit, with potential to reach numbers similar to Wilkins mangoes and mandarins. The production of Tahiti lemons is mainly in the northern part of the country, with the United States being the primary market. David Sandoval of Fluctuante emphasizes the need for the industry to also focus on value-added products based on citrus fruits for economic and social benefits.
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According to information provided by Fluctuante, shipments of products such as coffee, asparagus, mangoes, cocoa and Wilkins mandarins stood out in Peru's agro-export basket in 2023, the latter in eighth position. Specifically in citrus fruits, currently the Andean nation mainly exports Wilkins mandarins, Tahiti lemon, clementines and fresh oranges. In this context, the CEO-commercial director of Fluctuante, David Sandoval, told that the Tahiti lemon has shown growth in recent years. "It is currently in third position among citrus exports in 2023," said Sandoval regarding the Tahiti lemon for whom, regardless of the place this citrus occupies in the list of Peruvian agro-exports, it has the potential to reach shipments of Wilkins mango and mandarins, which in 2023 totaled 254 and 175 million, respectively, in export value. Sandoval commented that citrus fruits are being in high demand in the international market. "We should, like Peru, take advantage of that ...
Source: MXfruit
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