Switzerland: Pesticide ban have reduced Brussels sprouts

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Published Nov 9, 2022

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The ban on the use of a number of pesticides against the cabbage fly and whitefly has reduced the planting of Brussels sprouts in Switzerland. It also made it difficult to grow other types of cabbage and onions.

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This was reported by the Swiss agricultural information service LID. Brussels sprouts grew in this country from 55 hectares in 2010 to 100 hectares in 2018. Now this crop is grown on 76 hectares. "Many effective active substances against the cabbage fly or whitefly have been removed - so the area under Brussels sprouts has been reduced since 2018," explains Markus Waber, deputy director of the Swiss Vegetable Growers Association. Other types of cabbage suffer from pests and climate warming. However, it is most noticeable precisely on Brussels sprouts, which have the longest growing season and are threatened by the most ...
Source: Agrotimes
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