Philippines: Increased food production, agri modernization key thrusts of new Dept of Agriculture chief

Pak Wan
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Published Nov 10, 2023

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Newly-appointed agriculture secretary, Francisco Tiu Laurel Jr., aims to increase food production and modernize agriculture in the Philippines. His priority is to make the country self-sufficient in food, reduce dependence on imports, and alleviate poverty among farmers. Laurel plans to assess the current situation around the country and believes that by modernizing the agriculture sector, it will become more profitable and attract a younger generation to ensure food security in the future.
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Laurel said he plans to go around the country in the coming weeks to get a better grasp of the actual situation on the ground. Agriculture accounts for about 10 percent of the Philippine economy but employs one in every four Filipinos. Data show that more than 10 million farmers and fisherfolk are poor, and many of them are approaching their senior years, posing a potential food crisis in the next decade. “By modernizing the agriculture sector, we could make it a more profitable venture and attract a younger generation that would ensure the country’s food security in the decades to come,” Laurel said. Asked whether rice production is the main priority of his department, Laurel said that while rice is the country’s staple food, there are other equally important sectors like livestock, poultry, fisheries, and high-value crops that require government attention and support. Aside from boosting food production and modernization, the new DA chief said President Marcos, Jr. told him to ...
Source: Hortidaily
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