Spain: Planas will defend the interests in Mediterranean fisheries amid tough negotiation

Published Dec 10, 2021

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The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, has assured that Spain will defend with "great firmness" the interests of the nearly 900 vessels that fish in the Mediterranean Sea in the face of a negotiation that is expected to be "very tough" in the coming days in Brussels to determine the quotas for 2022.

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The minister has indicated that reductions in catches have already been applied and the "clear" position of Spain is that "it cannot continue in this way", as he pointed out this Thursday in an interview in Herrera in COPE. The sector, he remarked, knows that the position of the European Commission is "very firm" in this regard, but "it is also not convenient for Italy, France and Spain -countries concerned in the matter- to stand in front". "We must look for selectivity mechanisms with the scientific institutes, the Oceanographic Institute and the CSIC to try that the Mediterranean catches can be more selective" and maintain the "profitability" of the fishermen. For the minister, it is necessary to defend the "biological stock" but "also the fishermen stock and thus maintain that balance between the biological and the economic, which is so important." In addition, Planas maintains that "fishing mortality is a minor issue" and believes that "pollution, for example, is a much more ...
Source: PEefeagro
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