Netherlands: A new banana fungus is spreading rapidly around the world

Fresh Banana
Published Sep 27, 2022

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A new banana fungus is spreading rapidly around the world. The fungus hit Africa a decade ago and is now spreading rapidly, as confirmed by a genetic study conducted by Wageningen University (WUR) and Utrecht University. The disease poses a threat to Africa's food security, according to Gert Kem, professor of plant pathology, and his colleagues.

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Fusarium wilt is spreading in Mozambique, where the dominant strain TR4 is affecting the plantations of banana farmers. Over the past decade, the disease has also spread to Asia and South America, writes FreshPlaza. The new study, by Kem PhD student Anouk van Westerhoven and bioinformatics and data scientist Michael Seidl of Utrecht University, shows that the TR4 fungus has spread at least 200 kilometers from its point of origin. Genetic studies show that the strains found in different locations are closely related, meaning that the pathogen found in Mozambique has a common origin. Follow the news in a convenient format: Follow us on Twitter Van Westerhoven noted that ultimately, the first outbreak was not brought under control. The disease continues to spread, in particular, in the plantations of small farmers and even in the gardens of the population. Probably, farmers do not recognize the disease and, as a result, cannot adequately treat it. "The question is not whether the ...
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