Germany: Pollination of macadamia plantations can be enhanced by improving plantation design

Published Feb 22, 2023

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A new collaborative study from the Universities of Gottingen, Hohenheim and Venda in Germany and South Africa, explores how improving plantation design can enhance pollination on macadamia plantations.

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The reduction of biodiversity loss in agricultural landscapes calls for an increase in sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. A collaborative research team from the universities of Gottingen, Hohenheim (both of which are located in Germany) and Venda (South Africa), investigated how ecosystem services such as pollination could be improved in a macadamia plantation. The results of the study, published in the Journal of Applied Ecology showed that a certain scheme of planting can increase the pollination performance of bees. Some of the design elements studied include the arrangement of trees, varieties of trees and the integration of semi-natural habitats in and around the plantation. Professor Ingo Grass (University of Hohenheim) stated, "Insect pollination of macadamia flowers is essential for production. A complete loss of pollinators would reduce the amount of nuts by 75%." To find out which conditions encourage pollinators, the team observed and ...
Source: Phys
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