Price comparison of Israeli dates versus genuine Palestinian dates

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Published Mar 15, 2024

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Muslims are being urged to pay attention to the origin of their dates, a popular fruit for breaking the fast during Ramadan, as many are sourced from Israel. The Palestine Campaign is calling for a boycott of Israeli dates in solidarity with Palestine. The retail price of these dates per kilogram ranges from USD 5.73 to USD 10.51.
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PALESTINE - In the month of Ramadan, dates are one of the fruits most sought after and consumed to break the fast. Apart from having a sweet taste with a variety of nutrients in it, this fruit was recommended by the Prophet Muhammad SAW because dates can purify. That is why many Muslims choose to break their fast with dates. However, buyers need to pay attention to the type of dates they are buying. The reason is, many date producers come from Israel. According to the Palestine Campaign, calls for a boycott of Israeli dates have been intensified, which is a form of solidarity with the struggle and freedom of Palestine. Apart from being different in terms of packaging, the prices of Israeli and Palestinian dates are certainly different. So, what is the price of genuine Israeli dates and Palestinian dates? Quoting Selina Wamucii, the retail price of Israeli dates ...
Source: Okezone
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