ProChile supports the arrival of fresh Chilean salmon to Malaysia

Published Apr 12, 2024

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ProChile celebrates a significant milestone in seafood exports with the successful importation of fresh salmon and trout from Santiago to Kuala Lumpur, taking only 5 to 6 days. This achievement, initiated by 'C-Food Portions' in March 2024 with AquaChile leading the effort, showcases the potential of new technology, packaging, and air cargo routes in maintaining the freshness of seafood products. The successful test shipment, arriving in excellent condition, opens up promising prospects for Chilean seafood in Malaysia, aiming to boost the country's reputation as a top seafood producer. This development comes after Chile's export value of salmon and trout to Malaysia reached US$21 million in 2023, setting the stage for increased consumption of Chilean frozen seafood in a market previously unaware of its origins.
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ProChile celebrates an important milestone in seafood exports to Malaysia: despite the distance between Chile and that country, advances in technology and packaging techniques, along with new air cargo routes, have made imports possible. of fresh salmon and trout from Santiago to Kuala Lumpur in just 5 to 6 days. The importer “C-Food Portions” began weekly shipments of fresh Chilean Atlantic salmon in March 2024. The company AquaChile has been the first Chilean exporter willing to try this route together with them. Ana Belén Bueno, commercial representative of ProChile in Malaysia, commented that the result of the first test shipment was a success and the condition in which the fresh salmon arrived was surprising. “This milestone is a great step forward for Chilean exports. This will position Chile on the map of the final consumer as one of the main producers of seafood products. With this level of trust in Chile as the origin of premium seafood, we hope that the consumption of ...
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