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Georgia freeze may cause production gap

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Mar 14, 2022
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Other commodities, such as watermelon, may also be affected.We are a week out from the first day of spring, but produce markets are already abuzz with new life. Winter growing regions are slowly winding down, and spring harvests are not quite ready. Over the next month, growing regions will begin their spring migration Northward.On top of Spring transition pressure, increasing crude oil prices are threatening the margins of freight carriers and growers alike.For example, before Russia invaded Ukraine, the average U.S. Retail Diesel price rose from $2.37 per gallon in November 2020 to $4.05 in February 2022. As of March 7th, diesel prices jumped to $4.85 and are expected to rise further.In the short term, commodity markets, including freight markets, are priced based on the quantity of supply and demand rather than on costs. In other words, the driving factor in price is the availability of trucks compared to the amount of produce that needs to be moved, regardless of the cost of ...
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