Production value of Germany agriculture rises to 59.6 billion euros

Published Dec 16, 2021

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12/15/2021 | 12:36:00 | ID: 31804 | Department: Agriculture | Agrarwirtschaft Bonn (agrar-PR) - According to preliminary data from the Federal Information Center for Agriculture (BZL), this corresponds to a total increase of 3.6 percent. The higher grain prices due to the increased demand in the markets alone led to sales proceeds of seven billion euros (+ 42 percent).

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The value of animal production is almost the same as in previous years at 26.4 billion euros. Plant productionA production value of 29.7 billion euros is expected for crop production. This is an increase of almost eight percent compared to the previous year. The grain harvest determined for 2021 is around 42.2 million tons. The water supply during the growth phase and the climatic conditions were better than in previous years. The total income is comparable to the previous year. Total sales of grain are estimated at seven billion euros (+42 percent compared to 2020). The production value increases by 29 percent to a total of 9.1 billion euros. According to the first estimate, the average producer revenue is 207 euros per ton (2020: 161 euros / t). The corona pandemic had a major impact on the potato market. The season was weighed down by an inventory of unprocessed potatoes. The lock-down in Europe and Germany brought the demand from the catering and large catering establishments ...
Source: Agrar
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