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Indonesia: Prospects of bimo cassava flour, healthy flour alternative to wheat

Updated Mar 30, 2022
Jakarta – Cassava or cassava is a food plant that is abundant in Indonesia. The potential of cassava can be optimized as a nutritional value food ingredient. One of them is in the form of bimo cassava flour which is processed into various dishes. The Agricultural Research and Development Agency (Balitbangtan) of the Ministry of Agriculture has developed bimo cassava flour technology using a Biologically Modified Cassava Flour (Bimo-CF) starter.
This starter is a fermented seed in the form of a powder containing a variety of naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria. Researchers from the Center for Agricultural Postharvest Research and Development (BB Postharvest) Dr. Misgiyarta explained that the starter and the fermentation process were able to change the character of cassava flour which was less liked by consumers to be more preferred. "We change the character of cassava flour from aroma, taste, texture, elasticity, color, shelf life, to viscosity to produce flour according to consumer preferences," said Misgiyarta when contacted, Wednesday (30/3/2022). With this adjustment, a flour that has a fresh aroma, is not bitter, is white in color, and has a finer texture than cassava flour in general. To make bimo cassava flour, cassava is peeled clean, washed, sliced with a thickness of 2-4 mm, soaked or fermented for 12 hours with a dose of 1 kg Bimo-CF for 1 ton of cassava, then drained cassava, rinsed with clean water 1-2 ...
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