Record breaking results for Norwegian seafood exports continues

Updated Aug 3, 2022
Norway exported seafood with a value of NOK 11.6 billion July, representing an increase of NOK 2.1 billion, or 23 per cent, compared to July 2021. Year to date, Norway has exported NOK 81.7 billion by seafood value. This is an increase of NOK 18.5 billion, or 29 per cent, compared to last year.“After a record-breaking first half of the year, July follows on as the best July month ever for Norwegian seafood exports.
Since records began, July was also the strongest single month for salmon and trout. Despite the strong growth in the value of seafood exports so far this year, challenging times can still impact development going forward”, says Børge Grønbech, Acting CEO of the Norwegian Seafood Council.“While the export volume for important species such as salmon, cod, mackerel, and herring fell in July, high salmon prices made the largest contribution to July´s strong seafood export results. At the same time, the export price for several other species and products also reached record highs in July. For example, clipfish of cod and saithe and frozen whole cod and haddock have achieved prices not seen before”, Grønbech explains.“These are also challenging times for the Norwegian seafood industry, which is impacted by high inflation and cost growth. Both factors have weakened most consumer´s purchasing power. In addition, supply logistics out to the markets are challenging in several areas. These ...
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