Rees-Mogg’s claim that fish are ‘happier being British’ leaves sour taste

United Kingdom
Published Jan 16, 2021

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Fishermen threaten to dump rotten shellfish in Downing Street as prices collapse

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Fish are happier being British after Brexit, Conservative MP Jacob-Rees Mogg said on Thursday. The Tory politician’s comments will anger Scottish fishermen who blame red tape for the recent collapse of seafood exports to Europe. Politicians in Westminster say the issue is the result of "teething problems" and say it will be sorted out soon. “What is happening is that the government is tackling this issue, dealing with it as quickly as possible, and the key thing is we've got our fish back,” Mr Rees-Mogg said in Parliament. "They're now British fish, and they're better and happier fish for it." Scottish fishing trawlers are reportedly travelling 48 hours to Denmark where they can get a better price for their catch. Britain’s food minister, George Eustice, told Parliament his staff held meetings with Dutch, French and Irish officials to try to "iron out some of these teething problems". Fishermen, meanwhile, threatened to dump tonnes of rotten shellfish near Downing Street in ...
Source: Thenational
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