Researchers from the Catholic University promote varietal replacement in Chile

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Published Apr 17, 2024

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In a significant advancement for agricultural genetics, Marina Gambardella, an academic at UC and director of the Raspberry Genetic Improvement Program, has developed seven new varieties of Chilean raspberries, with four launched in 2023 named Santa Eduvina, Santa Rosa, Santa Isabel, and Santa Guillermina. These varieties, designed for various conditions and purposes, highlight the program's success in enhancing productivity, size, and suitability for both industrial and ornamental use. Concurrently, Johanna Martiz, also from UC and an expert in the Citrus Genetic Improvement Program, has introduced a groundbreaking seedless and easy-peel clementine named Isabelina. This innovation, resulting from fifteen years of research, underscores the potential of genetic improvement in agriculture, offering new options that cater to consumer preferences and industry needs.
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According to UC, Santa Guillermina, Santa Eduvina, Santa Rosa, Santa Isabel, Santa Teresa, Santa Clara and Santa Catalina are the seven “santas” or varieties of Chilean raspberries that the academic of Agronomy and Natural Systems, and director of the Program of Raspberry Genetic Improvement, Marina Gambardella, has developed from the research she carries out at UC. The expert explained that the need to create new varieties is due to a “natural turnover” in agriculture. That's why it's called 'genetic improvement' because the idea is that you have a better genetic combination than the previous one, which will always improve." Proof of this is that in 2023 four new varieties of Chilean raspberries were launched as part of Professor Gambardella's research. It was Santa Eduvina, a very productive and larger variety; Santa Rosa, ideal for more industrial production, with mechanized and thornless harvesting; Santa Isabel, a yellow or orange raspberry that can be used ornamentally in ...
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