Ukraine: Retail named organic products that the market lacks

Published Nov 4, 2021

Original content

Retail chains today lack high-quality organic meat, and organic turkey is generally not on the market. Also, there are not enough vegetables and fruits for sale all year round. This was announced by Anastasia Le Hak, head of the marketing department for organic products at Natur Boutique, during the conference "Organic processing and trade". “It's important for us to sell organic greens and vegetables all year round, not just in season. Among vegetables, such items as broccoli and cauliflower are generally absent. There is also a lack of organic breakfast cereals and snacks, ”said Anastasia Le Hak. According to Sergey Dyatl, co-founder of the DBAEM company, which delivers organic products, farmers cannot provide a stable supply of organic products, since they want to grow everything at once. And one more disadvantage - when producers start to deal with organic products, they start speculating on the price. The CEO of the ...
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