Bangladesh: Rising chicken prices force lower-income people to cut down on protein

Updated Feb 18, 2023
The skyrocketing price of broiler chicken and eggs, the cheapest and biggest sources of protein in the country, is forcing low- and lower-middle-income people to curb their protein intakes. In different markets in the capital, broiler chickens are selling at Tk225-Tk230 per kg, while the price of broiler eggs has jumped up to Tk140-Tk145 per dozen. According to the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB), the price of broiler chicken and eggs has increased by 39% and 30% respectively compared to the same time of the previous year. Traders say the market situation hints that the pr
ice could rise even further during Ramadan. Meanwhile, broiler producers have attributed the recent price surge to a hike in feed prices, which was caused by an increase in the cost of raw materials triggered by the dollar crisis fueled by the Ukraine war. Consumers complained that the prices of eggs and chickens have increased at a time when all consumer goods are being purchased at high prices in the market. Al-Amin, private employee and resident of the Khilgaon area of Dhaka, said his four-member family used to eat four eggs every morning with breakfast. However, the habit has changed due to the recent price hike in the market. Now, they don't afford to eat eggs at breakfast anymore. They only eat eggs several times a month with other meals when they are cooked as curry. "Due to the fact that commodity prices have risen while my income has remained the same for nearly three years, I have had to alter my food choices," Al-Amin told The Business Standard. Altaf Mahmud, grocery ...
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