Hungary: Rock-hard milk price increases in domestic stores

Updated Jul 24, 2022
It is not easy for domestic milk producers either.
For the time being, the price increase on the milk market seems unstoppable, the rise in prices is also significant at home, but the prices on foreign markets are much higher than domestic ones. According to the report of the Agrárközgazdasági Intézet (AKI), the national average producer price of raw milk per kilo exceeded HUF 160 in June, which corresponds to an increase of about 47 percent compared to the level of a year earlier, and exceeds the May prices by six percent. Meanwhile, it rose to EUR 0.66 (HUF 265) in Italy and EUR 0.58 (HUF 232) in the Netherlands, and the market price of raw milk from Germany and Austria reached EUR 0.64 (HUF 256). However, in addition to the raw material, the price of various dairy products also increased greatly. The price of cream per kilo in the EU approached HUF 1,400 (EUR 3.48) in June, reports Magyar Nemzet. You may also be interested in this! Another big increase in food prices is coming in the fall in Hungary: it's better to prepare for ...
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