Russia bans pomegranate and pepper imports from Turkey

Published Nov 21, 2021

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Russia, Turkey's largest market for fresh vegetables and fruit exports, has brought a new ban on agricultural products imported from Turkey. Russia, which banned the import of products such as tomatoes, onions, and peaches from Turkey after the plane crisis between the two countries in 2015, and then continued these bans for various products, banned the import of pomegranate and pepper varieties this time.

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Speaking to, the President of the Mediterranean Exporters' Associations (AKİB), Nejdat Sin, said, "As of November 17, 2021, Russia has officially banned the import of pomegranate and some pepper varieties from Turkey. The drug residues detected in these products were cited as the reason for the ban. Stating that they do not know how long the ban will last, Sin said, "There is a three-day ban yet. Since it is very new, we do not know how the process will progress. We are in talks with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry," he said. Before the said ban was introduced, it was claimed by various exporters that Russia imposed an 'unofficial ban' on Turkey and thousands of TIRs were kept at the border gate; It was stated that tons of products were in danger of rotting. Providing information on this issue, AKİB President Nejdat Sin confirmed that before the ban was introduced, the fresh fruit and vegetable lorries from Turkey were kept at the border gate. Sin said, “The ...
Source: Gidatarim
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