Russia: significant increase in pork exports until 2023

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Published Feb 23, 2024

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In 2023, Russia saw a 59% increase in pork product exports, following a decline in the previous year, as reported by Nikolai Burulin of the Russian National Union of Pig Breeders. The surge was primarily due to the resumption of supplies to Southeast Asian countries, especially Vietnam and Hong Kong. Vietnam and Belarus were the main export markets, each accounting for over 30% of the exports. Despite Hong Kong's relatively small share of 2.5%, it is viewed as a priority market due to its significant potential.
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According to the chief expert of market analysis and forecasting of the Russian National Union of Pig Breeders, Nikolai Burulin: "After a decline in 2022, in 2023 exports of pork products, according to our estimates, increased by 59%. The main export markets were Vietnam and Belarus, with shares above 30%. The increase in exports was largely due to the reestablishment of supplies to Southeast Asian countries: Vietnam (+394 thousand tons, +86%) and Hong Kong (+2.5 thousand tons, +57%). Despite the fact that Hong Kong's share in ...
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