Turkey: Sea tax for mussel growers

Frozen Mussel
Published Oct 23, 2021

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ÖNDER YILMAZ / ANKARA - Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, General Manager of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Dr. Mustafa Altuğ Atalay, explaining that they will impose a condition to leave 10 percent of the mussels extracted in Marmara to their natural environment, said "it's like a sea tax". Atalay said the following in the Parliamentary Mucilage Commission:

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126 INVASIVE SPECIES: The number of alien species in Marmara has reached 600. There are about 3,000 different species, including 507 plant species, 36 seabirds, 249 fish species, two reptile species, six mammals, and coral reefs. While the number of alien species was 48 in 2005, it increased to 68 in 2011, and 126 alien invasive species were seen in 2020. CLAMS TAX: It is not possible to completely stop poaching mussels. The alternative is TAGEM's I-FISH Project. We set the goal of creating mussel fields. We have the following plan: Next year, 45 thousand tons of mussels will be grown in Marmara, and we will impose a condition to leave 10 percent of them in the natural environment. So it's kind of like the tax of the sea. The first step will be in Çanakkale. We said, 'We will allow you to establish a mussel farm, but first you will establish a hatchery.' We also provide incentives. FISHERMAN'S SURVEY: We conducted a survey on mucilage; We interviewed 266 fishermen in 90 ...
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