Egg production in Seychelles increasing but weather and demand are affecting prices

Updated Apr 26, 2023
The production of eggs in Seychelles has been steadily increasing during the last 10 years but there are special conditions during the period of March to May, highly marked in April, that heavily affect egg production, especially this year.
An agricultural officer in Seychelles, Jose Raul de Oca Brito, told SNA that there are many factors interacting together and leading to these results. "The increasing demand for the product is the main reason; this is directly associated with the fact that egg production has not to compete with any importation." He explained that "this has motivated more farmers to venture into the business while others have increased the production capacity. We ended 2022 with 37 registered egg producers and the commercial laying hens population is estimated as 184,763 birds in April with a daily average production of 2.4 million eggs." Brito said that the second element which is considered paramount is that during the last years, new commercial laying hens have been introduced in the country, by importation, with a much better potential for production and performing very well under Seychelles conditions. Although the importation of highly commercial laying hens has guaranteed a stable egg ...
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