Turkey: Siirt pistachio will be exported to Spain and Italy for the first time

Published Jul 13, 2022

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While the export of Siirt pistachio reached 70 tons in the first 6 months of the year, agreements were signed to make sales to Spain and Italy for the first time. According to the statement made by the Siirt Foundation, the buyers of Siirt pistachio abroad, which are grown on an area of 100 thousand decares throughout the city and are among the important livelihoods of the people of the region, are increasing day by day.

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The days are counted for Siirt pistachio, whose first export was made to Germany, and whose international market is increasing every year thanks to the works carried out in the following period, to be on the shelves of the new country. Despite the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, 120 tons of exports were carried out in 2019-2021, and tons of peanuts were sold to countries such as Romania, Belgium, the Netherlands and China in the intervening period. The promotional activities and negotiations carried out by the foundation in order to support the businesses operating in the region, especially the Siirt Chamber of Commerce and Industry, bore fruit. Negotiations for the export of Siirt pistachio to Spain and Italy for the first time, in addition to the previous countries, have resulted in positive results. After the new crop is harvested and processed, it is planned to export to the two countries in November. Negotiations with Israel continue Siirt Foundation Deputy ...
Source: Sondakika
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