Silver fish are exported to Europe from the middle of the steppe in Turkey

Published Apr 27, 2024

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A large number of silver fish have been caught in the Çekerek Dam in Yozgat, Turkey, leading to a significant income for local fishermen. These fish are exported primarily to European countries such as France and Germany, where they are consumed as a snack. This source of income is particularly important this year due to the increased water level in the dam. The fisheries cooperative processes the fish and exports an estimated 15-20 tons daily. The business employs around 80 people and is expected to increase production if more workers are available. The fish are bought for 10 liras per kilogram and exported to factories in Europe.
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Tons of silver fish caught in the dam in the Çekerek district of Yozgat, which is landlocked and located in the middle of the steppe, are exported to many European countries, especially France and Germany. Europeans consume silverfish, which is not popular enough in Turkey, as a snack. The dams and ponds in Yozgat have become a source of income for the local people engaged in fishing. Citizens earn their living by fishing at the Çekerek Dam, which was established especially for irrigation, energy and flood control purposes, at certain times of the year. As the water level rises in Çekerek Dam, there is an abundance of silverfish this year. In the dam, where there have been no silver fish for the last 5 years, 15-20 tons of fish are caught daily. Local people catch tons of silverfish, trout and crayfish during the fishing season and export them to European countries. Silverfish caught in Yozgat, which has no sea in the middle of the steppe, is among the indispensable foods of ...
Source: Iha
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