Soy planting is finished in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Updated Jan 15, 2021
Precipitation in the State, even though low and sparse, has contributed to the development of crops in the corn-producing municipalities and to the advance in planting the second crop. In areas where it has not rained, losses and losses are recorded. Corn planting is also on track, reaching 96% of the estimated total area; 15% of the crop is already harvested; 24% in the maturation phase; 24% in grain filling; 16% in flowering and 21% in germination and vegetative development. The predominance of steady weather, with high temperatures and sunny days, and the availability of water via irrigation contribute to the development of rice. However, the occurrence of sparse and low volume rains in the State has resulted in less capacity to recharge the water levels of the springs. The crop is 73% in germination and vegetative development; 21% in flowering and 6% in grain filling. OLERÍCOLAS Due to the high temperatures in the Emater / RS-Ascar de Bagé region, in Uruguaiana, the production ...
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