Stable beef exports to China in November

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Published Dec 18, 2023

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In November, beef exports to China from Brazil, Uruguay, and Oceania, as well as estimated shipments from Argentina, the United States, and other countries, totaled 232 thousand tons, similar to the previous month. Mercosur, a trade bloc in South America, reportedly shipped 173 thousand tons of beef to China last month, with the majority of the volume expected to arrive in January. Additionally, Oceania saw an increase in beef exports to China, shipping 31 thousand tons in November, a monthly increase of 3 thousand.
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Faxcarne | Beef exports to China in November were at a level of 232 thousand tons, a level similar to that of October. The number is arrived at with export data from Brazil, Uruguay and the countries of Oceania and estimating what was shipped by Argentina, the United States and other countries. Mercosur reportedly shipped some 173 thousand tons to China last month. This volume will be the one that is arriving at its destination mainly in January, given that the trip lasts about 60 days. Compared to October ...
Source: Elagro
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