Egypt imports half a billion dollars of tea and coffee

Updated Jan 6, 2023
Foreign trade is considered one of the basic elements in economic development, since it reflects the development of the trade balance movement. In this sense, the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics is keen to provide all data on the movement of commodity exchange between Egypt and the countries of the world.
Read also | Statistics: Egypt’s exports of sports equipment and toys amounted to $2.5 millionThe report of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics indicated that Egypt’s total imports of tea, coffee and spices amounted to half a billion dollars. 682 thousand dollars 3- Fine brown pepper and pebbles for 30,719,000 dollars 4- Cardamom (Hail) for 29,323,000 dollars 5- Soft cinnamon and sticks for 6,458,000 dollars 6- Soft kazira and pebbles for 6,304,000 dollars 7- Fine cloves and sticks for 4,640,000 dollars $8- Ginger for three million and ...
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