Poland: Sugar beet growers join the National Farmers' Protest

Published Jan 19, 2024

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Several European countries, including Poland, are dissatisfied with agricultural issues and are planning a National Farmers' Protest, particularly against the liberalization of trade with Ukraine and the significant increase in sugar imports. Polish sugar beet growers are concerned about the impact of the surge in sugar imports from Ukraine on their cultivation, with imports increasing up to 35 times after the implementation of Autonomous Trade Measures. Farmers are calling on the European Commission to introduce mechanisms to secure markets against further increases in sugar imports, while also considering the impact on Ukrainian citizens and the need for access to third-country markets.
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Not only Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Romania and Lithuania show their dissatisfaction with agricultural issues. But also Poland, because the National Farmers' Protest is planned for January 24, 2024. The hosts are to show their opposition to the direction of European agricultural policy, as well as the liberalization of trade with Ukraine. A country that is indeed engaged in war, but exports agricultural raw materials produced to different standards and therefore cheaper, especially to neighboring countries. One such product is sugar. It has been flowing from Ukraine in a large stream in recent months, which is reflected in our market. Polish sugar beet growers are against this and I want to announce it loudly. In the last two years, beet cultivation has been practically the only profitable one in our country. Now that may change. Sugar imports to Poland from Ukraine have increased 20 times, and may even increase 35 times - After the implementation of Autonomous Trade ...
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