Summary of the global blueberry market

Fresh Blueberry
Published May 18, 2023

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The global blueberry market presents a mixed picture this week, as some seasons are coming to an end, while others have not yet started. In the Netherlands, shortages are expected between weeks 22 and 25 due to reduced supply of Moroccan and Spanish blueberries, which will also lead to higher prices. In Germany, blueberry supplies are expected to shrink as Spanish and Moroccan supplies decline, which could prompt the transition to smaller pack formats. Polish growers are closely monitoring the impact of night frosts on their crop, which could have affected both volumes and fruit size. On a positive note, Serbia forecasts a notable 15% increase in blueberry production for the coming season. On the other hand, the Spanish blueberry season is characterized by lower production and higher prices, aggravated by the scarcity of water. In South Africa and Zimbabwe, early season blueberries are enjoying good market opportunities. North America has a strong supply of high-quality ...
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