Thanks to Ukraine, Poland could become a major grain hub – opinion

Rice Polish
Published Feb 23, 2024

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Sergiy Orlovsky, founder of Agrooiltrade, is encouraging Polish farmers to acknowledge the advantages of Ukrainian grain to their industry. He asserts that Ukraine's grain has not only maintained global prices but has also enabled Poland to enhance its export infrastructure, transforming it into a significant grain hub. This is attributed to the growth of rail transportation services and port facilities, which have amplified Poland's grain export capacity. However, Orlovsky cautions that ongoing strikes by Polish farmers are detrimentally affecting the country's global market standing, with losses already evident in the Moroccan market.
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Polish farmers need to be told not only that Ukrainian grain did not collapse world prices, but also that it is thanks to Ukraine that Poland can become a major grain hub by improving its export infrastructure. Polish exports are no longer localized due to the situation in Ukraine, but the strikes are negatively affecting Poland’s position on the global market. This opinion was expressed by the founder of the trading company Agrooiltrade, Sergiy Orlovsky, reports. He believes that it is thanks to Ukraine that the Poles have the opportunity to improve rail transportation services. “Before that, 90% of grain was transported by trucks, which is expensive. Now, thanks to the transit from Ukraine, transshipment terminals and warehouses are being built in Poland at railway stations. Grain can be transported by rail, which was not possible before. This is an opportunity to reduce the cost of logistics,” says Sergiy Orlovsky. According to him, Poland is currently ...
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