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The dangerous tomato virus is spreading in America

Updated Jul 6, 2020
The virus has also been reported in the Dominican Republic, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, China and the United Kingdom. In addition, the outbreak of the virus occurred in Germany, but in this country it was eliminated. Experts warn that the spread of the virus may be greater given the large volume of international trade in marketable tomatoes and seeds. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports symptoms such as swelling and a mosaic pattern on the pepper leaves and a mosaic and fern-like shape of the tomato leaves. The fruits of infected plants are smaller, do not acquire color and may have necrotic spots on the surface. "The American Seed Traders Association notes that the virus is highly contagious and there are no resistant tomato hybrids. In particular, the virus can be transmitted by workers in the greenhouse and even by contact with the root systems of various plants in the soil. Scientists of the ...

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