The EU proposes measures to improve the conservation of tuna in the Indian Ocean

Published Apr 11, 2023

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The European Union (EU) published on Tuesday its proposals to improve the conservation and management of tuna in the Indian Ocean, with a view to the next meeting of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (ICAO), which will be held between the 8th and May 12, 2023. At the next CAOI meeting, the community club will promote the adoption of a multi-year plan to improve the management of the stocks of the three tropical tunas (yellowfin, bigeye and striped-bellied bonito). The European Commission (EC) stressed in a statement that, according to the CAOI scientific committee, the current situation of the tuna population in the Indian Ocean and the level of fishing "are not sustainable." The multiannual plan would last three years and would reduce the level of catches "in line with scientific advice", according to Brussels. The Community Executive added that the plans that cover several species have been adopted and implemented "successfully" in other regional organizations on fisheries management, but it would be the first time in the CAOI.

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"The EU proposes a proportional reduction in catches taking into account both the current level of catches of each IOTC member and their state of development to ensure that developing countries receive fair treatment," the EC stated. The Commission also proposes a mechanism for inspection visits of ships on the high seas and stressed that these records are "one of the most important and efficient tools to ensure compliance with CAOI standards and, most importantly, to fight illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing activities”. It also proposes to update the rules of the CAOI compliance committee to "improve the compliance process, to ensure that fishing activities are carried out in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and conservation measures." Brussels indicated that compliance with the rules has been "a weak point" of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission and that the EU proposal will identify and address areas of non-compliance. “It will also support developing coastal ...
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