The European citrus sector warns that the new controls to prevent black spot disease are insufficient

Updated Apr 23, 2022
VALENCIA, 22 Apr. (EUROPE PRESS) - The Citrus Contact Group of Spain, France, Italy and Portugal has considered "insufficient" the new control measures adopted by the European Union to prevent the introduction and spread in the community market of black spot (Phyllosticta citricarpa), a fungus that affects the fruits and also infects the stems and leaves and has warned of the "poor hardening" of the same.
AVA-ASAJA sues the European Union for damages if pests or diseases enter: "It should bear the consequences" In this sense, the president of AVA-ASAJA, Cristóbal Aguado, agreed with representatives of citrus growers from other Spanish regions and from France and Italy on the "little tightening" of the controls that the EU has decided to establish on third countries, "having taking into account the danger of this disease, which is not present in the European citrus industry, and the high number of shipments intercepted in ports", measures before which he has expressed his "disappointment and discomfort". The agricultural organization, based on official data, has lamented, in a statement, that Brussels has refused to add "more forceful" measures to South Africa "despite the fact that in 2021 its citrus shipments to the EU reached the highest number of interceptions of black spot in the last decade: 43 detections in 2021 and a total of 200 since 2012". In fact, South Africa leads the ...
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