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The Exporter of Agricultural Crops sets an integrated plan to promote and increase exports of Egyptian dates

Updated Jan 26, 2022
revealed d. Khaled Al-Hagan, head of the Dates and Fresh Dates Committee in the Agricultural Crops Export Council, said that the council has developed an integrated plan to promote and increase Egyptian date exports. He explained in exclusive statements to “Amwal Al-Ghad” that the plan aims, during the next five years, to reach Egypt for the first positions in the dollar return from the export of dates. in the world, and to approach its competitors, and to be commensurate with the added value of dates exported from Egypt, as well as to reach the first positions in the world in the permeability of dates exported by global market bankers and in their acceptance by the final consumer.
Al-Hagan added that the committee was formed nearly In general, a number of measures were taken, especially that although Egypt's production of dates amounts to only 1.8 million tons, the exported quantities are few and do not correspond to the volume of Egypt's production of dates, which is recorded at about 40 million dollars. Read also: An expected annual growth of 10% in the movement of global imports of dates to reach $2.7 billion Egyptian date exports grow 21% to $52 million in 2021 He pointed out that work has been done to count the items of dates and fresh dates and they have been raised from 4 items to 94 items, noting that the council has begun preparing studies to expand date exports during the next phase, which it will start in 11 countries. The first group includes 11 countries, explaining that China, Japan, Russia, England, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland will be within the first phase, which includes 11 countries, to ...
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