The five most expensive honeys in the world

Published Nov 28, 2023

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Honey prices in Poland are not always profitable for beekeepers due to rising production costs and stagnant product prices. Imported honey and competition from other countries prevent beekeepers from increasing prices significantly. The most expensive honey in the world includes Manuka honey from New Zealand, Tupelo honey from Florida, Sidr honey from the Middle East, White Turkish honey, and Valar honey from New Zealand.
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Of course, there can be long discussions about honey prices in Poland. Honey prices, especially wholesale, do not always allow beekeepers to generate satisfactory profits. This is hardly surprising - after all, production costs are rising and product prices seem to be stagnant. The most painful example is the price of sugar used to feed families in the winter - after all, in less than two years they have increased almost threefold! At the same time, strong competition from imported honey does not allow beekeepers to significantly increase prices. On the other hand, from the consumer's perspective, honey is perceived as an expensive product. For fans of this product, its purchase is often more or less noticeable in the household budget. It is worth saying, however, that the prices of domestic varieties of honey have nothing to do with the most expensive honey in the world. Their prices can make you dizzy! We will base our list of the most expensive honeys in the world on the ...
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