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Мировую рыбную индустрию ожидает длительный кризис

Мировую рыбную индустрию ожидает длительный кризис
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Jun 17, 2020
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A decrease in global demand, an increase in business expenses, a decrease in stocks of aquaculture raw materials, a rise in the cost of logistics, and staff shortages will negatively affect the results of the global fishing industry, ”said WARPE President German Zverev. According to the FAO Food Forecast report (June 2020), restrictions on the spread of coronavirus infection introduced by many countries of the world negatively affected the activities of fishing enterprises. A long recession in the global fish market can be expected even after quarantine restrictions have been eased or completely lifted. Most fish purchases will continue to be delayed or canceled. The change in consumer behavior towards the accumulation of long-term food stocks has led to an increase in retail demand for canned and frozen products. So, in the first quarter of 2020, global demand for canned, packaged and processed tuna increased. In addition, the demand for ready-made seafood in supermarkets ...
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