Russia: The plant for deep processing of peas in the Tyumen region has high export potential for supplies to China

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Published Jan 10, 2024

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The governor of the Tyumen region, Alexander Moor, highlighted the region's focus on deep processing of grain in an interview with Tyumen Vremya TV. He mentioned the successful opening of a plant for deep processing of peas, which has seen increased export potential to countries like China for high-quality vegetable protein. Moor emphasized the economic benefits and efficiency of deeper processing of agricultural products for the region.
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The governor of the Tyumen region, Alexander Moor, spoke about this. The governor of the region said in an interview with the Tyumen Vremya TV channel that the agro-industrial complex of the Tyumen region has set a course for deep processing of grain, commenting, among other things, on the prospects of a plant for deep processing of peas that opened last year. “We have learned to grow a wide variety of agricultural products, but the added value is highly processed, so we are systematically dealing with this issue. Several years ago, the Aminotype plant was opened for processing wheat - we produce alcohol, and mainly the product lysine, which was previously completely imported from abroad. And the same investor is implementing a project for deep processing of peas. When we discussed this project two years ago - its export potential, the investor said very carefully, maybe 8-9 percent we will export, and the rest to the domestic market. Just recently, when we talked, he confidently ...
Source: Agroxxi
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