Vietnam: The price of Guangdong lemon plummeted when lemon tea ended its trend

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Market & Price Trends
Published Dec 4, 2023

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The price of Chinese lemons in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is decreasing steadily due to a decrease in demand for cooling drinks, such as hand-pounded lemon tea. The market for imported lemons is saturated, leading to a surplus of lemons and a decrease in prices. This trend is also reflected in the decrease in the number of places selling Quang Dong lemons and the decrease in the selling price of hand-pounded lemon tea.
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The price of Chinese lemons (Cantonese lemons) is decreasing day by day. The number of imported leads increased while the market showed signs of saturation The weather in Ho Chi Minh City is cool, cooling drinks, including hand-pounded lemon tea, are slow to sell, so the ingredient, Guangdong lemon (China), is also in short supply. On social networks, many clips posted refrigerated containers carrying Quang Dong fragrant lemons gathered near wholesale markets such as Binh Dien and Thu Duc (HCMC) with wholesale prices ranging from 25,000 - 35,000 VND/kg when customers buy whole products. 30kg barrel. This price is only half, even a third compared to a month ago. For old, yellow-colored Cantonese lemons, the price drops below 20,000 VND/kg. // A representative of a Guangdong lemon importer with a retail outlet in Phu Nhuan district (HCMC) confirmed that the price of this product has dropped sharply compared to the first time. The reason is that the number of imported wholesalers is ...
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