The prices of vegetables and fruits mainly decreased in Ukraine

Updated Oct 11, 2022
Onions and beets were the most popular last week.
Last week was marked by the expansion of the geography of active participants, and the total number of ads remained at the level of the previous period. In total, participants from 14 countries promoted their products on the EastFruit Trade Platform during the week. Ads from Poland, India and Morocco have appeared again. The supply of goods from Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Egypt decreased. Representatives of Turkey and Turkmenistan successfully increased sales, which allowed them to enter the top sales ranking for the first time. As a result, the five countries in terms of the number of posted offers have changed and look like this: Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Turkey and Turkmenistan. Follow the news in a convenient format! Subscribe to our Telegram Onion supply at the site continues to grow, with onions becoming the top-selling product in the vegetable segment last week, overtaking potatoes, which saw a decline in sales. In Ukraine, sellers often compensated for the lack ...
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