The Beni Agricultural Chamber ask for an economic rescue plan for the chestnut sector in Bolivia

Brazil Nut Kernel
Chestnut Kernel
Published Mar 22, 2023

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The Beni Agricultural Chamber urged the central government to implement an economic rescue plan for the benefit of the Brazil nut sector, in the Amazon region of the country, which is in a crisis situation.

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"Given these conditions of stagnation in exports and the danger of paralyzing the Brazil nut production chain, we urge the central government to immediately develop an economic and investment rescue plan for financial reactivation," they point out in a statement signed by the president of the aforementioned institution, Alfredo Tababary. The senator for Beni Fernando Vaca congratulated the pronouncement and the proposals embodied in it. Among the suggestions are creating a compensatory fund for the purchase of chestnuts not exported in this administration, promoting the opening of new markets from the State, facilitating access to credit for producers at the Banco de Desarrollo Productivo and Banco Unión, prioritizing the integral and ...
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