Spain: They identify the key factors to establish a commercial maqui orchard

Maqui Berry
Published Aug 13, 2021

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The appeal of maqui as a superfood is indisputable. And even though consumption is increasing, production is still unable to respond to growing demand. The harvest volumes are small and the productions variable as the orchards are not designed on a commercial scale. There are advances in the identification of genetic populations of this species that allow its domestication.

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However, there is insufficient technical information about crop management, fertilization and irrigation requirements, pruning techniques and conduction systems. Seeking to solve these problems, an investigation determined the key management of a commercial organic maqui orchard. This was the result of the project "Development of a technological package for the establishment and commercial production of maqui (Aristotelia chilensis) under sustainable management that allows mitigating the effects of climate change." The new technologies applied in this crop (associated with innovation) "should maximize the productive potential of the orchards and stabilize the yields over time," said Pamela Artach, principal investigator of the project and R&D Manager of the company Agriismart Ltda. . Using previously selected ecotypes for agrosystems in southern Chile, a pilot garden was established in the Los Ríos region. And after three years of work, six critical aspects were defined for a ...
Source: Redagricola
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