Turkey: Thyme producers who completed the harvest did not get what they expected from the season

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Published Nov 1, 2023

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The harvest season for thyme in Denizli, a major producer of the herb globally and in Turkey, did not meet expectations due to low prices and lower yields. Thyme is an important source of income for the region, but this year's harvest was impacted by low rainfall and production costs. Farmers are seeking government support and are also facing issues with traders who require expensive 'PA' analysis in Izmir, leading to low prices and forcing producers to sell at unfavorable rates.
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Thyme, produced in Denizli in recent years as an alternative to tobacco, meets a significant part of the thyme need in Turkey and the world. It is produced in tens of thousands of decares of land in the surrounding rural neighborhoods, especially in the Uzunpınar District of Pamukkale district, and constitutes 75 percent of the world's thyme production and 90 percent of the production in Turkey. The harvest of thyme ripening in the fields of farmers growing medicinal and aromatic plants in Uzunpınar District of Pamukkale district has been completed. The thyme, which was harvested from the fields with the machine behind the tractors, was kept for two days for drying, then collected, beaten with a thresher and filled into sacks and prepared for sale. Thyme, which is one of the most important sources of income for the people of the region, was filled into warehouses to be delivered to buyers with its aroma and taste. It was stated that the yield of thyme, which came at harvest time ...
Source: Iha
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