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To which countries do Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay export beef?

Updated Jul 30, 2021
Learn in detail how the beef exports of these four countries were in 2020, the year in which four of them broke sales records, especially to which countries they shipped, in what quantity and for how much value. In the last year, beef exports from these four countries have been on the front pages of the newspapers, from the records reached in 2020 to the brake on sales imposed by the Argentine government last May.
An investigation carried out by the Stabilization Fund for the Promotion of the Export of Meat, Milk and its Derivatives (FEP), administered by the Colombian Federation of Cattlemen (Fedegán), reviewed in detail how their exports were last year. This included the markets that acquired the protein, the amount in tons, the value and the percentage share of each in total sales. (Read: Argentina and Brazil had record meat exports while those of Uruguay fell) Brazil Starting with the largest exporter of beef in the world, the report indicates that in 2020 it sent abroad more than 2 million tons (2,016 million), of which 1,558,502 tons were frozen meat, worth more than 6,679 million dollars, as well as 165,902 tons of refrigerated meat, among other meat products. 56% of the frozen meat, 868,700 t, went to China, the second largest economy in the world, which allocated about 4038 million dollars for this product, which means that on average it paid USD 4648 for each ton . In a very ...
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