Turkey is looking for apples for re-export from Ukraine and Moldova

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Published Nov 18, 2023

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The price of export-quality apples from Turkey is rising as local suppliers struggle to meet demand, leading traders to import apples from Ukraine and Moldova for re-export. The wholesale prices for these apples in Turkey are significantly higher than in Ukraine and Moldova, making it profitable for Turkish traders to import and re-export. The shortage of apples worldwide, coupled with increased demand from countries like India and Iraq, has further fueled the trend of increasing re-exports by Turkish traders.
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The price growth of export-quality apples from Turkey is dynamic, as local suppliers fail to meet all customer orders, and this prompts local traders to turn to imports from Ukraine and Moldova for re-exports, analysts at EastFruit electronic publication commented. The wholesale prices of "Red Superior" varieties, which Turkey actively exports to the Indian market, already reach 90 cents per kilogram, and "Golden Superior" - up to 75 cents per kilogram, while prices in Ukraine and Moldova are about 45% lower. Taking into account that in the current agricultural season, the apple harvest in India has declined sharply, the demand for Turkish apples has increased significantly. Last season, Turkey exported 118,000 tons of fresh apples to India - 30% of the entire export of these fruits from our southern neighbor. Almost 80 thousand tons were exported to Iraq - the second market for Turkish apples. In the current season, there is a shortage of apples in practically all regions of the ...
Source: Sinor
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